Importance of frame

1. Frame determines the type of the car. For example, if you want to set up a DH, you are going to buy a 1400 grams of GIANT XTC-TEAM? Or in other words, you will equip its own lightweight XC a DNM on trips of up to 20CM shoulders, front fork? Of course not. So, the frame type determines the type of the car as a whole.

2. Frame, directly or indirectly, affects every aspect of the car's performance. What affect the manoeuvrability of the car? What determines the stability of the car? What determines the speed of the turning of the car? What determines the comfort of the car? If XTR Kit, isn't it ROCKSHOX fork? It is, but it is not. Because you want to make these parts play a powerful fighting force, it is necessary to lay a good foundation--frame. A frame of 200 Yuan and a frame of 2000, even if it was put into a car exactly the same price, the actual riding feeling also poles apart.

3. Frame size determines the car is right for him. Even if the frame types selected on the performance is not bad, but if the frame size is not appropriate, like chicken, only revenue. Because the wrong size car ride up not only good exercise, and is likely to cause injury, even a huge security risk. This will be explained in detail below.