MTB frame classification

1. Hard tail (HARDTAIL) this frame has a light weight, no pedaling advantage of losses, the price is relatively cheap, widely used on the ramp rate on demanding XC off-road vehicles. But poor damping of the rear triangle, in making comparisons on rough pavement at high speeds driving stability of the rear wheel will become a problem, even top off the ground may lead the car out of control.

2. Soft tail frame (SOFT--TAIL) range in soft tail frame shadow tail frame and the shock-absorbing frame of a frame. The seat support frame in the rear triangle is a passive structure. This structure is similar to the rear shock absorber, but not as obvious as rear shock absorber damping effect. Its role is only to the vibrations of the body slightly smaller, while the rear wheel closer contact with the ground, control is better. And hard tail frame, soft tail frame in pedaling and almost no energy loss in the process. This frame is slightly heavier than the hard tail frame, lighter than the shock-absorbing frame. But due to the type of reason, at home is rare, the following are famous for production of soft-tail of KHS products.

3. Shock-absorbing frame (FULLSUSPISION) is real with a shock absorbing structure and damping effect of damping frame frame, soft tail frame and different damping frame structure with a fully independent and wide range of shock absorbers, with the shock-absorbing front fork, you can get a good effect (does not seem to be seen after installing the shock absorption without shock absorber before loading of the car). Different damping performance of the frame there is a big difference.