Bike Lifts Simple Installation And Maintenance

Bike Lifts The special hydraulic lift used for transporting the goods in high building storey, the products are mainly transported up and down with various working layers, and the three-dimensional garage and the underground garage floor are lifted by the high car. Product hydraulic system to set up anti-fall, Bike Lifts overload safety protection device, each floor and lift table can be set to operate buttons, to achieve more control.

Product Features:

Strong product structure, large load, smooth lifting, easy installation and maintenance, is an economical and practical alternative elevator between the lower floors of the ideal cargo transportation equipment. According to the installation environment and the use requirements of lifting table, choose different optional configuration, can get better use effect.

Can work in different heights, fast, Bike Lifts slow walking, can be in the air convenient operation platform to complete up and down, forward, back, turn, and so on. This product uses high-quality structural steel, laser welding electronic manipulator single-sided welding double-sided Molding technology, the original imported hydraulic pump station or Anshan joint venture hydraulic pumping station, space cartridge valve technology, Bike Lifts platform equipped with level alarm, balance valve, automatic safety board, such as alarm device, platform safe and reliable durability, operating height of up to 12 meters, load 300 kg, the level of the fence can extend a great expansion of the scope of the operation, a one-year warranty, key components five-year warranty, Bike Lifts suitable for factory workshop, Plaza lobby Airport, Park and other customers have high-altitude demand.

Product Features:

Car Scissor type Elevator: Set four-wheel movement and two-wheel traction in a car, tricycle or battery chassis to do the platform chassis, the use of the vehicle engine or DC power to do, both can drive and driving platform Take-off and landing, widely used in urban construction, oil,Bike Lifts transportation, municipal, factory and other industries in the high-altitude work.

With the development of industrialization, Bike Lifts the lifting platform has been widely used in every corner of life. In the morning to work in the vicinity of the building is under construction, a curved arm elevator is busy working, into the company building, elevators next to the lifting freight elevator is moving goods, the building under the decoration is standing on a self-hydraulic elevator painting wall. Bike Lifts The elevator is in your side to serve you, we in the use of hydraulic lifts, often in the work of the sudden occurrence of some abnormal problems, we summed up here for your reference.

1. Suddenly unable to lift. Please check whether the hydraulic tubing is normal, and whether there is a foreign body stuck in the track, the hydraulic power unit is normal, inside the closed mailbox whether there is a leak position.

2. Sudden electronic control operation platform is not controlled. Please check that the power access is stable and the circuit is disconnected. If check all normal, Bike Lifts should consider whether the built-in electrical fittings are damaged, because the company used most of the electrical accessories for chint Electrical appliances, the proposal is familiar with chint electrical engineers or maintenance personnel to overhaul or replacement, Bike Lifts the proposed power outage condition for maintenance.

3. The lifting equipment work appears the massive shaking, please check the support foot to have the movement instability phenomenon, as well as the support arm is lack of lubricating oil to cause.

4. Multi-cylinder scissor-type table suddenly tilted, please check whether the cylinder is normal, there is a stent to bend the situation, but also need to carefully check whether the tubing is blocked,Bike Lifts resulting in different steps of the phenomenon.