Bike Racks Design Structure

Bike Racks Carbon fiber bike light, high-speed. The application of tracking sensors incorporating security considerations will be another major trend in the field of carbon fiber cycling. Network technology provides security and automatic tracking characteristics for cycling. The sensor will notify the owner or user of the vehicle when it is "illegal", Bike Racks while the sensor on the pedal can record the speed, Bike Racks inclination, route and calorie consumption, while the GPS will automatically locate the bike. The Vanhawks Valour Smart bike, designed by the Canadian team, assembles the GPS positioning components directly into the carbon fiber frame, greatly improving the user's ride experience.

Vertical design structure, so that bicycles do not have to hang on the wall, Bike Racks the cell-style drawer, so that all the bicycle-related tools and equipment have a new place to go. Stainless steel clamps and hooks allow the body to move vertically up and down without damaging the frame or wheel rim. The frame is composed of multi-layer birch material, and has oak, beech wood, black wood and other panels can choose.

Bicycle is the extension and supplement of the product in relation to the RV. When we are stationed in outdoor travel, a bicycle accompanying the RV will bring us more pleasure in travelling. Especially with the family to stroll in the beautiful scenery line, to see the eyes of others envy, Bike Racks think all beautiful

Driving a RV to travel and carrying a bicycle is a natural task to hand over to a bicycle rack. So, how to choose a suitable RV bike racks? Beijing Heng Sheng Rui Trading Co., Bike Racks Ltd. Mr. Li believes that the choice of RV bike racks need to consider the following aspects:

1. Choose the type of bicycle frame according to the model

Bicycle racks, separate front and rear devices, Bike Racks are different from cars mounted on the roof. Among them, the self-propelled car can only choose the rear-mounted bracket; trailer-type RV, two kinds of device method, one is installed in front of a beam of the bicycle rack, the other is fitted to the back of the trailer bicycle rack.

2, determine the number of bicycles loaded

Bicycle racks generally can be fitted with 2 bicycles, which can be extended to 3-4 bicycles by buying accessories separately. But for security reasons, two bike frames are generally enough.

3, according to the installation location to determine the specific model

Self-propelled RV

Self-style RV can only be installed in the back, it is worth noting that the installation of the rear of the body will interfere with other equipment. Usually for safety reasons, Bike Racks the bike racks are fitted to the back center, if the back side has left or right door or ladder, then can only choose to install on the right side of the bicycle rack, if there is no door behind the ladder, then to consider whether there is a window, if there is no window, you can choose to install a long bike frame.

If there is a window on the back side, avoid the window and choose a shorter bike rack.