Bike Frame Size

Frame as the frame of the car, the maximum decision, affected the correctness of your riding posture and comfort, so choose an appropriate frame is critical.

1. measure the length of thigh I

When best to wear Jersey, standing on level hard ground and assisted by one person. Standing upright, two-foot interval of about ten centimeters. Textbook or something similar in the crotch, and put less than the appropriate car seat up, and measure the distance to the ground at the top of a book: I

2. measurement of length t

Position the same as step 1, measured between the clavicle v-Groove distance between bottom and top of the book: t

3. measure arm length a

Level stand horizontally arms, palms forward, measure the distance from the Lions to the rib plane

4. measure shoulder width s

Upright, relaxed his arms, measure the width of the shoulder joint s

Sizes above each of the three times the average

Based on the above data can get the frame size you need:

=I*0.67 road frame size (cm)

MTB frame size = (i*0.67-11.0) *0.394 (inches)

Stem length = [(t+a)/2+x]-et

Road bike x=4; x=8;et=effective mountain top tube length