Bike Lifts Decoration And Maintenance

Scissor self-propelled aerial work platform with engineering components of the flat operation, manned high-altitude operations, equipment and materials, such as lifting operations and other functions, Bike Lifts mainly used in steel plant, exhibition hall and other building decoration and maintenance and aircraft Such as maintenance of large equipment. Dongguan lifting platform scissors self-propelled aerial work platform can improve the application of high efficiency, improve the high-altitude operating environment, Bike Lifts reduce the high-altitude operations accidents.

Scissor self-propelled aerial work platform consists of lifting mechanism and self-loading chassis. In the process of engineering operation, the staff on the platform can operate and operate continuously on the lifting mechanism and carrying the chassis, Bike Lifts thus avoiding the time wasted by the frequent work of the staff due to the workplace. In order to ensure the safety of personnel in the platform during high altitude operation, it is required that the platform can not travel on the road with large slope or bumpy when the design platform of the self-propelled aerial work platform protective plate lifting mechanism is raised. Scissor self-propelled aerial work platform in the scissors arm lift state, open the chassis on both sides of the protective plate mechanism to reduce the platform chassis height, Bike Lifts making the movement of the platform is limited to play a protective role.

1 can be based on aerial work platform lifting action requirements and protection requirements and scissors arm linkage, no additional power;

2 rods on the node to install copper sets, lubrication, no noise;

3 high-altitude operating platform chassis frame connection, compact structure, Bike Lifts than the use of wire rope traction structure is more reliable.

Can work in different height of the fast, slow walking, you can easily operate in the air platform up and down, forward, backward, steering and so on. This product adopts high-quality structural steel, Bike Lifts laser welding electronic manipulator single-sided welding double-sided molding process, Italy imported hydraulic pump station or Anshan joint venture hydraulic pump station, space cartridge valve technology, platform equipped with horizontal alarm, balance valve, automatic safety Board and other alarm devices, Bike Lifts the platform safe and reliable, operating height of up to 12 meters, load 300 kg, the fence can extend the scope of the great expansion of the operating range, the whole year warranty, the key parts of the five-year warranty for the factory workshop, Lobby airports, parks and other high-altitude operations needs of customers.

Car scissor lift: set four-wheel move and two traction in one, the use of cars, Bike Lifts tricycles or battery car chassis chassis platform, the use of the engine or DC power to drive, can drive the platform can also be used to promote Urban construction, oil, transportation, municipal, factory and other industries of high-altitude operations.