Bike Lifts Institutional Functional Requirements

The scissor-type aerial work platform has many functions, Bike Lifts such as flat lifting operation of engineering component, manned aerial work, lifting operation of equipment and material, mainly used in the decoration and maintenance of steel factory buildings, exhibition halls and other large equipment such as aircraft. The application of the shearing fork self-propelled aerial platform of the lifting platform can improve the efficiency of climbing, improve the working environment and reduce the aerial work accidents. In this paper, according to the function requirements of the lifting mechanism of the shearing fork self-propelled aerial platform, Bike Lifts a bar linkage lifting mechanism is designed, Bike Lifts which comprises two parts, the guiding structure and the connecting rod transmission structure, Bike Lifts and explains the function principle and the design parameters.

Shearing fork Self-propelled aerial platform is composed of lifting mechanism and self-propelled bearing chassis. In the course of the project operation, the staff of the platform can operate and carry on the movement of the lifting mechanism and the carrying chassis, avoiding the waste of time because of the change of the staff in the work place. In order to ensure the safety of personnel in the platform, Bike Lifts it is required that the operating platform should not be in a large slope or bumpy pavement when the design work platform of the lifting mechanism of the protection Board of the self-propelled aerial platform is raised. Shear Fork Self-propelled aerial platform in the state of the scissor arm lifting, open the chassis on both sides of the protective board mechanism to reduce the platform chassis height, so that the platform Movement limited to play a protective role. To this end, Bike Lifts it is necessary to design a lifting mechanism which is connected with the cutting arm of aerial platform, so that the cutting arm is folded, the protective plate is removed and the moving mechanism can travel normally, and the shield is opened with the shearing arm rising, Bike Lifts which restricts the operation platform to travel on the steep or bumpy road.

The lifting mechanism of the protective plate based on the connecting Rod Drive is convenient for manufacturing, assembling, linkage of guiding mechanism and connecting Rod drive mechanism, Bike Lifts which ensures the reliability of the motion and satisfies the function requirement. It has the following characteristics:

1 can be based on High-altitude platform lifting action requirements and protection requirements and scissor arm linkage, no need for additional power;

2-Bar mechanism node on the addition of copper sets, lubrication, no noise;

The chassis frame of 3 aerial platform is connected with compact structure, Bike Lifts which is more reliable than the traction structure with wire rope.

1 Multifunctional and multipurpose operation device. Bike Lifts Through the large arm front-end bracket, it can quickly install lifting device or manned platform, realize the function of material lifting, hoisting and manned aerial work, and provide the interface for the extended operating device and the fast switching of various working devices.

(2) With load driving, good stability. Bike Lifts The chassis structure breaks through the traditional design theory and method, and reduces the center of gravity shift by optimizing the overall layout and load distribution of the platform. Using a unique large angle back-tilt hinge-point structure, a reasonable set of various counterweight modules, Bike Lifts effectively balancing the working moment.

(3) Unique three-dimensional rotating lift device. Bike Lifts The design of three-dimensional rotating lift device, it can not only automatically maintain the attitude of lifting materials, but also to achieve the lifting material in the space of any height, arbitrary position and any direction of the adjustment requirements, speed control precision sensitive, micro-dynamic performance, Bike Lifts to meet the large-scale cavern in the High-altitude and ventilation pipeline installation requirements.

(4) A new type of full hydraulic self-specific chassis. Developed with completely independent intellectual property rights of the self-propelled aerial platform vehicle, the use of mechatronics, Bike Lifts reliability design and computer-aided technology, and successfully developed a fully hydraulic drive, self-specific chassis, breakthrough in the past the domestic High-altitude lifting platform vehicle can only use the car or crane chassis modification design restrictions.