Bike Racks Casing Welding

Bike Racks The steel frame is the earliest frame material, basically is the thin round tube. Bike Racks The welding method is used to make the high end frame with casing welding. Titanium frame I think it can be seen to be a fully reinforced steel frame.

Aluminum frame is the aluminum tube after the "pumping" process after welding, and then heat treatment. The so-called suction tube, is the diameter of thin and thick tube, Bike Racks the diameter of a thick and thin tube. So that the middle of the tube thinner than the ends of some, "double pumping" is a tube with two different thickness of the tube wall, that "three pumping" is three different thickness of the paragraph. Bike Racks The aim is to make the tubing achieve a lighter weight under the same strength, due to the limited material characteristics, steel and titanium pipe is more difficult than aluminum tube, so the aluminum frame under the same weight, Bike Racks with better rigidity than steel frame and titanium frame, there is a better stampede efficiency, is called "hard".

Although the steel frame and the titanium frame are not as rigid as the aluminum frame, the frame strength can be much stronger than the aluminum frame. For example, Bike Racks the aluminum frame can be deformed by imposing a 1KN aluminum frame on it, but when the force is added to 1.1KN, the aluminum frame is scrapped by plastic deformation. But for the steel frame titanium frame, the force that exerts 0.8KN is deformed, but even if add to 1.6KN force to withdraw after the frame can restore the original status. The elasticity is big, Bike Racks this is most people say "soft", therefore the steel frame and the titanium frame is not suitable for the competition and so on the trampling efficiency the occasion, but is suitable for the peacetime to ride the tour, the training and the traveling. And after the steel frame break, casually find a place to Weld can continue to ride, Bike Racks but the aluminum frame after welding must do heat treatment, otherwise the strength drops. Therefore, the earliest Sichuan-Tibet line on the steel line.

I think it is possible to use trees and bamboos to compare aluminum frames with steel frames, and the typhoon days, the trees are not curved, but easily broken;

Carbon fiber, in the premise of not considering the budget, is the best frame material. Bike Racks Because it is a carbon cloth + resin in the mold molding, Bike Racks so the shape of the carbon frame can be 100% in accordance with the force of the chassis design and manufacture, Bike Racks and get the best comprehensive performance (light and Hard). This is all the metal frame is difficult to achieve.

Carbon fiber can be different design, showing diametrically opposite performance, the score said no turning point soft tail frame, the former triangular die-hard, Bike Racks after the next fork elastic. So the carbon frame has aluminum frame of hard and steel frame of the strong, can be said to be the best frame.

But most of the carbon shelf life is relatively short, Bike Racks because the bike will inevitably fall car, carbon racks can withstand a lot of impact, but it is not able to withstand sharp corners of the ordinary. Similar to eggs, hard pinch not broken, the pot on the side of a knock immediately two halves.

Frame this thing, Bike Racks no material must be better than which material, each have their own strengths, a penny a penny, high-end aluminum frame overall performance over the low-end carbon is also a very normal thing.