Bike Racks Security And Automatic

Bicycle relative to the car is concerned, Bike Racks is the product extension and supplement. When we were stationed in an outdoor trip, a bike accompanied by a caravan would give us more fun. Bike Racks Especially with the family wandering in the beautiful scenery, see the envy of others eyes, Bike Racks think about the United States.

 Drove the car to travel, carrying the task of the bike, naturally to the bike frame. So, how to choose a suitable car bike frame it? Select the car bike frame need to consider the following aspects:    

1, according to the type of choice of bicycle frame type

RV bike frame, sub-front device and rear device, different from the car mounted on the roof. Bike Racks Among them, the self-propelled car can only choose after the bracket; trailer car, divided into two kinds of device methods, Bike Racks one mounted in front of A-beam on the bike frame, Bike Racks the other is installed to the rear of the bike frame.

2, determine the number of loading bicycles

RV bike frame can usually be loaded with two bicycles, through the purchase of accessories alone, can be extended to 3-4 bicycles. But for security reasons, Bike Racks the general installation of two bike frame is enough to use.

Self-propelled car can only be installed to the back, it is noteworthy that the installation position behind the body will be interfered with other equipment. Bike Racks Usually for safety reasons, the bike frame are installed to the rear side of the middle position, if the rear side of the door or ladder, then only in the right side of the installation of the bike frame, if the back without a door without ladder, Bike Racks then consider Whether there is a window on the back, Bike Racks if there is no window, you can choose a longer installation of the bicycle frame.

For bicycles, all carbon fiber parts are made of carbon fiber sheet made by hand paste. Bike Racks The carbon fiber sheets are cut by means of a computer controlled apparatus, Bike Racks and then these carbon fiber sheets are then assembled in the mold according to the laying order.

 For some small parts, the entire laying process can be done by a worker alone, and for large parts, Bike Racks the specific parts of the frame need to be paved, and the parts are then laid by the next worker on the production line Part of the corresponding material, and finally into the mold to complete the curing. Of course, Bike Racks after curing the cleaning, spraying process also requires manual supervision to complete.

 Carbon fiber bike light, Bike Racks high speed. The use of tracking sensors that incorporate safety considerations will be another major trend in the development of carbon fiber bicycles. Bike Racks Network technology provides security and automatic tracking for riding. The sensor will notify the owner or user when it is "unlawfully" touched; the sensor on the pedal can simultaneously record speed, tilt, Bike Racks route and calorie consumption; Bike Racks the GPS will automatically position the bike. Bike Racks Canadian team design Vanhawks Valour intelligent bike GPS positioning components will be directly assembled into the carbon fiber frame, greatly enhance the user's riding experience.