Materials Should Choose What Kind Of Motorcycle Frame

Motorcycle frame, usually made of aluminum, steel or alloy welding, only for some particularly expensive or custom carbon fiber frame. With the development of motorcycles, the frame material also improved, structure and lightness. At present, CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastics) has gradually become the mainstream racing frame. In the near future, alloy can also be the main material of the frame, but the frame and frame material production methods have a lot. Mountain bike (MTB), has evolved gradually from steel to aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber (CFRP). Motorcycles although experimental titanium and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic frame, but so far, materials still lags far behind the bike and mountain bike. Aluminum is by far the best mountain bike frame materials, strictly speaking, flying long before titanium for lightweight and durable and have the inherent flexibility (you can absorb vibration generated in the mountain long drive) and become the best frame material, and steel is just behind Titanium frame material, its price is relatively cheap, and titanium's inherent flexibility