Wall Mounted Bike Rack The Request

Wall Mounted Bike Rack Aluminum and magnesium alloy material is the main element of aluminum, and then add a small amount of magnesium or other metal materials to strengthen its hardness, Wall Mounted Bike Rack of which the main elements of magnesium alloy to add Mg, its quality and quantity of light, low density, heat Good, high compressive resistance, good corrosion resistance, also known as anti-rust aluminum alloy, its thermal conductivity and strength is particularly prominent, is a new frame material, but also because of its good overall performance has been widely used And popular praise. Aluminum-magnesium alloy has been able to be more people for the body material and was generally sought after, mainly because of a few reasons:

1, the density is small, light weight, Wall Mounted Bike Rack we all know, the development of bicycles has been to light forward, for the traditional steel frame, the weight is always a difficult to avoid the short board, and aluminum-magnesium alloy material is very good The solution to this problem.

2, the strength is good, in fact, the quality of light and good strength is the two opposite characteristics, usually speaking, the quality of light means that the density is small, and the density of things is generally not strong, such as the existence of aluminum alloy Problem, so the aluminum alloy is usually used to increase the cross-sectional area of the body material to increase the intensity, Wall Mounted Bike Rack but the aluminum-magnesium alloy is very good to avoid this feature, of course, its strength and steel than there is a certain gap, but it is very good The satisfaction of the bike body strength requirements.

3, good heat dissipation, for electric bikes, because our batteries, motors and controllers are hidden, basically are installed inside the body, all the requirements of the body material must have considerable heat dissipation, and Aluminum and magnesium alloy is very good in line with this feature, its excellent thermal performance, not only to a large extent to extend the motor, battery and controller life, Wall Mounted Bike Rack but also more conducive to the normal operation of these electronic equipment to improve their Work efficiency.

4, aluminum and magnesium alloy cost is moderate, compared with titanium and carbon fiber materials, aluminum-magnesium alloy has a better price, for most consumers, both with acceptable prices to buy their favorite vehicles, but also To achieve a more humane riding experience, which is a matter of two things, so it has a very good market situation.

5, aluminum-magnesium alloy has a good processing performance, Wall Mounted Bike Rack because the aluminum-magnesium alloy density is small, but the strength is good, so the processing performance has a good advantage for the traditional processing methods and tools are no special requirements, so more Easy to get the manufacturers to promote.

6, good corrosion resistance, aluminum-magnesium alloy as an alloy, with steel materials can not match the corrosion resistance in the use of the vehicle, Wall Mounted Bike Rack you can better maintain the durability and appearance of the vehicle requirements.

A collapsible bicycle refers to a functional bicycle that can be folded by a bicycle frame to achieve a bike's ability to reduce floor space and improve mobility during storage or transportation. The basic requirements for folding frames:

1, folding fast and simple, Wall Mounted Bike Rack fast mainly reflected in the time, simple mainly reflected in the ease of action and complexity, which is the biggest practicality of the folding bike. 2, the reliability of folding.

1) the reliability of storage and transportation after folding;

2) the reliability of the frame deployment in the state of use, such as the rigidity of the frame, the firmness of the joint, the locking design of the locking device,

3) the reliability of the repeated folding of the frame;

4) to deal with the extreme harsh environment of the frame operation reliability.

3, the frame of the material, whether it has enough rigidity, whether it has sufficient strength, whether it can filter the ground vibration, whether it can be used in complex environments (temperature, humidity, corrosive material erosion, etc.), how to do Good material surface treatment, whether light.

4, the structure of the frame is reasonable, whether the ergonomic design requirements, whether the interface in line with national standards.

5, if the frame built-in battery is conducive to the battery cooling, whether to ensure that the battery space under the premise of the frame to do the most beautiful and coordinated.